About Us

Mahavir International, Vadodara Kendra was established on September 30, 2000 with the motto “Love All – Serve All” and is part of the large and well-established social organization, Mahavir International with over 400 centres all over India and other parts of the world (Dubai, UK, USA etc). Since its inception, the Kendra has undertaken a large number of activities with particular emphasis on Education, Health as well as Supporting the Needy (in addition to our immediate as well as long-term involvement in mitigating the miseries of the victims of the earthquake that shook Gujarat on January 26, 2001).


Mahavir Foundation Trust (MFT), registered as a Trust (Registration No E-5923-Vadodara) with the Charities Commissioner, enjoys Income Tax Exemption under Section 80-G of Income Tax. The trust also has FCRA approval. We accept the donations through this trust, which has been helping us by consistently extending financial support to all our social and developmental activities.

The guiding philosophy of all our activities is “Love All – Serve All”. The enlightened members at our Kendra come from all walks of life – Intellectuals, Professionals, Industrialists, Businessmen, Builders, Administrators, Social Workers and Philanthropists. Direct involvement of our members in various activities is a cornerstone of our strategy and personal interactions with potential beneficiaries are seen as critical. Extending a helping hand is done without compromising on the self-esteem of the intended beneficiaries. All of this is being done with a clarity of purpose, well-defined destination and neatly chartered path to the destination involving focused activities as well as organized and structured approach.

With close to hundred highly committed and motivated members from all walks of life who have excelled in their individual endeavours, the organization hopes to contribute its mite to overall societal and national development. The membership is open to anyone committed to serve the society.

Through this Web Page, we wish to briefly describe our activities (past and current) and the vision that we have for immediate future. Our success will solely depend on the support we get from our active members and well-wishers like you. We earnestly request your whole-hearted support in fulfilling our objectives.

Chairman’s Message
Dear friends, beneficiaries and well-wishers,


It has been seventeen years since we started this journey with the overall motto of the larger Mahavir International family – “Love All – Serve All”. The endeavour has been to try and make a small difference in the lives of those from the disadvantaged sections of our society and to do it in a long-term, self-sustainable manner. We have scrupulously stuck to the core values we started with – personal assessment of the beneficiaries through our members, ensuring that every single rupee contributed goes to the most deserving and needy persons, carrying out all our activities without impacting the self-respect of the beneficiaries and focusing on long-term association and commitment to the sections and beneficiaries we aim to serve.

The activities have grown many folds over the years and while the major focus has been on the education of the bright and needy students, substantial work has also been taken up in Health, Helping the needy (now called Samvedana), Rural Development and Emergency Relief. Last few years have seen the major expansion in our reach not only in the field of Education but also through Samvedana. Initiatives in the field of education now cover street children as well –through the very ambitious Asha Deep Initiatives(A Street-to-School Initiative) that covers over 500 children through 14 centres.

The most recent Flagship Initiative has been Kayakalp, aimed at totally transforming lives of bright and needy students from standard 9th to 12th. Over 120 such students were specially selected and are being given extensive coaching and guidance at the Mother’s School, Gotri every day from 3 pm to 6 pm. In addition to basic subjects, special focus is laid on Spoken English, Computer Skills and Personality Development. Transformation over six months has been indeed very gratifying and plans are afoot to expand the initiative substantially from June,2018.

All of this has become possible largely because of the total commitment and involvement of our esteemed members and excellent support from all our donors and contributors. We are now able to cover over 3000 students from the weaker sections of the society at different levels and we have started impacting thousands of families through Samvedana initiative. A number of students who were supported by us from the initial years have now started their professional and other careers and it is gratifying to note that a large number of them have made a commitment to associate themselves with MI-Vadodara with a view to ensuring that similar benefits reach other deserving students. None of this would have been possible without the total dedication of the members and I would personally like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the love, affection and unqualified support that I have received from them. The donors and the well-wishers have always encouraged us to expand our horizons and we hope to continue to do so in the times to come. All of us have benefited tremendously from close interactions with those that have been impacted by our activities and the joy of giving has really enriched our lives. To all of us from MI-Vadodara, it has really been something that we have done for our own enrichment and satisfaction.

I invite each one of you to please join us and give us your Helping Hand in building upon the various initiatives that have been covered in this website.

With my very best wishes,
Jan, 2018

“Dedicated to Social Upliftment – Focusing on Economically Weaker Sections of Society”