Future Plans

While tremendous progress has been made over the past seventeen years, the journey continues. It is indeed a never-ending journey where the journey itself becomes the destination!

As long as there are bright students feeling constrained in achieving their full potential (on account of social or financial conditions), challenge for MI, Vadodara continues. There are plans to add schools to The Adopted Schools programme, scholarship amounts under Open Scheme are set to be enhanced (with special provision for the very outstanding and needy students of 10th and 12th standards) etc.

Over and above these well-settled initiatives, more and more children are to be covered under Asha Deep as well as Asha Deep Mentor-sponsor initiatives. Kayakalp strength is likely to be more than doubled from June 2018 and work will then begin on a long-term project to transform it into a Concept model wherein schooling as well as coaching could be at a single, central location.

Future always holds the unknown! All initiatives of MI, Vadodara Kendra have been in response to felt needs from the beneficiary students or their parents and this will remain a corner-stone of our policy for future as well –possibly leading to new initiatives that we do not even know about today!