What we do

Education – The Best Gift

This has been the flagship programme of Mahavir International since its very inception, with a number of unique initiatives. Beginning with Adopted Schools Programme in 2001, a number of additional schemes and programmes have been added over the years to cover the entire spectrum. These include:

  • Adopted Schools Programme aimed at covering at least ten schools every year. Only those schools are selected where majority of the student are from economically weaker sections of society. Merit awards and scholarships are provided every year, with additional support for other extra-curricular activities.

              Following Schools are adopted by us :

                  Arya Kanya Vidyalaya
                  M.C. High School
                  Geeta Mandir
                  Satyanarayana School
                  Hill Memorial School
                  Web Memorial School
                  Hari Shewa Guj. Medium School
                  Shree Tulsidas R Patel Vidhyalaya
                  K.R. Gayatri Vidhyalaya
                  Dadi Chainani English Medium School

  • Drop-out Prevention Programme focusing on primary school students. Beginning with an initial target of 100 such students, we have prevented dropout of more than 1000 students, over time.
  • Open Scholarship Programme covering students from Std. 8th onwards and all the way upto professional courses/university education. This has become the single largest flagship initiatives wherein any student from the city could apply. During 2017-2018, we have covered over 3000 students.
  • Mentor Sponsor Programme covers very bright and needy students from Std. 10th onwards. Currently, around 350 students are covered.

Education of Bright & Needy Students – Guiding Principles

  • Start with prevention of drop-outs after primary education.
  • Once associated with a beneficiary student, continue support until education is complete.
  • Provide overall guidance and support (including part-time work) in addition to financial support.
  • Greater emphasis on very bright & very needy students.
  • Identification of beneficiaries through personal assessment by committed MI members and associates through house visits.

Asha Deep – A Street-to-School Initiative

Asha Deep  Project – A Street-to-School initiative, came about after implementing various schemes for regular, school-going children. One frequently encounters children on the streets and slums who just do not go to any school/study sincerely for a variety of reasons – parents being migrant labour, inability to fund formal school education etc. This was a neglected segment that we tried to address about three years ago.

Getting Started – Initial Learning

The first formal centre was started on footpath outside MS University as a major flyover was under construction with a large number of migrant labour families on the footpath. After some time, we decided to move it to one of our Adopted Schools nearby. We were in for a rude shock as the number of children went down quickly – from 25 to only 7! On enquiry, we found a number of concerns that the parents had – small children having to cross a busy road, the fact that these school going children would also look after their infant siblings, suspicion about our real intentions etc. once the realization sank in, the volunteers readily agreed to go back to the footpath and the numbers increased to over 40! There was no looking back after this and it was taken up a flagship initiative by MFT with a target of establishing 15 such schools – all right on footpaths, under fly-overs or in slums where the parents were!

Today, there are fourteen Asha Deep centres running in different parts of the city, with over 500 children being provided overall development, along with literacy and education. The centres have indeed been literally adopted by the citizens with over 200 birthdays and anniversary celebrations taking place at these centres. Children are given uniforms, shoes, school bags, portable desks and all study materials.

Here is a list of Ashadeep Centres.

No. Centre Name Address Landmark No. of Children
Vadsar Centre Vadsar Road, Raju Hotel  D.P.S. School, Jain Hall 22
Makarpura Jasoda colony Jasoda Colony, Tulsi Nagar Makarpura bus stand 30
Lalbaug Centre Opp.S.B.I.Bank, Manjalpur Naka, Petrol pump 40
V.C.C.I.Centre V.C.C.I.Office Makarpura G.I.D.C. Ward-12 40
Waghodiya Road Centre Saibaba Nagar, Krishna Heights Waghodiya Road D-mart, Karmyogi School 35
Ekta Nagar Centre Ekta Nagar, Opp.Govt School Ajwa Road, Ekta Nagar 28
Khodiyar Nagar-1 Khodiyar Nagar, Near Amrapali New V.I.P.Road, Bal Bharti School 28
Khodiyar Nagar-2 Khodiyar Nagar, Near Amrapali New V.I.P.Road, Bal Bharti School 26
Harni Centre Vraj Complex Motibhai Circle 38
Sama-Savli Centre Opp. Rhythm Hospital Sama-Savli Bridge, 33
Gotri Centre Gotri Iscon Heights Gotri Hospital Road 30
Samta Centre Shiv-Shakti Shopping Centre Samta Police Station 18
Bajaniyavas Centre-1 Near Devpushp Hospital, Opp. Anugrah Hospital Manjalpur Tulsidham Chokadi 22
Bajaniyavas Centre-2 Near Devpushp HospitalOppp. Anugrah Hospital Manjalpur Tulsidham Chokadi 19


Asha Deep Mentor-Sponsor Initiative

This grew out of our realization that a number of these street children were very smart and just Ash Deep would not let them realize their full potential. Under Mentor-Sponsor initiative, seventy bright students have been picked up, placed in good schools and are being specially coached for three hours daily at a central location (a school). Children are transported from various parts of the city so that good quality and well-supervised education and development could be imparted. A couple of very senior members along with a very experienced Social Worker are taking this initiative to greater heights.


Project Kayakalp – Transforming Lives of the Bright, Underprivileged Students

Project Objectives:

  • To attempt to comprehensively transform lives of selected bright students from weaker sections of our society
  • By providing comprehensive inputs including intensive educational and overall personality development support, totally free of cost to the targeted students
  • Through this, to attempt to transform lives of the students and their families in the near and medium-term future
  • And to thereby make an attempt in a small way to transform the society

Target group & Methodology:

  • To focus on selected bright students (academic performance above 75%) from disadvantaged sections of our society (income below Rs 2 lacs) who are currently in standards 9 to 12
  • Focus on Gujarati Medium Students, where the need is greatest
  • To provide them best of inputs in terms of learning environment, teaching facilities and compassionate teachers and guides
  • To put equal emphasis on academic learning as also on language and communication skills, overall personality development as well as comprehensive guidance and counselling
  • To do this through “One Stop” facility to minimize the strain and waste of time in accessing such inputs through multiple sources
  • Refundable deposit Rs 3,000 (to ensure seriousness)

Current Status:

  • Launched on June 5th, 2017 with 85 students of Standards 9th to 11th
  • Partnering School – The Mother’s School, Gotri
  • Twenty one hours of coaching during a week (3 to 6 pm Monday to Saturday and 9 am to 12 noon Sunday)
  • Core subjects for 14 to 16 hours and 4 to 6 hours for Spoken English, Computers, Personality Development and Invited Lectures
  • Sunday classes started on special request from students
  • Free conveyance and bicycle loans as needed
  • Current Strength: 121 (from initial 85; through word of mouth)
  • Estimated Project cost: Rs. 35 lacs; estimated tuition savings to beneficiary families: Rs 45 to 50 lacs
  • Free attractive uniform (Dress code), shoes, books, stationary etc

Transformational Activities: (सर्वांगीण विकास)

  • A number of Invited Lectures on a wide range of topics from leading experts
  • Assembly conducted daily; addressed by students
  • Field trip–cum–picnic to Science City, Gandhinagar
  • A novel “Smart Girl” two-day event to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem of girl students.
  • Special presentation on water-borne diseases and distribution of mosquito nets
  • Musical Event by Mr Atul Mishra

A Comprehensive review with all stake-holders (including students, parents, teachers, MI members etc) conducted on Nov.19th, 2017 was extremely gratifying, with glowing tributes by students & parents alike and clearly visible transformation of beneficiary students.

Future Plans / Vision:

  • 12th (all three Steams) being added from June, 2017
  • Total strength likely to go over 250 students
  • Likely budget: Rs 75 lacs, with estimated potential savings of over Rs 100 lacs for beneficiary families.
  • Ultimate plan is to move to a “Concept School” model – schooling and coaching at the same place
  • This will bring in greater control over quality and transformational activities, save time, reduce conveyance etc
  • Project Document under preparation with likely infrastructural cost of over Rs. 5 crores (excluding land)

Helping the Needy – Samvedana


Samvedana, is a subgroup of  MI. The primary objective of this group is to help recycle and reuse articles from well-to-do urban homes and bring them to the less fortunate homes of our society.  Our motto is to love and to serve all while respecting their dignity. At MI-Samvedana, we collect articles from our generous donors and bring them to our collection centres. Here we carefully sort them out in groups, if necessary; add value to it by repairing/stitching the article, and then distributing to the needy through our channels.
One can donate clothes, toys, notebooks, stationery, household items etc which are in decent, reusable condition.  Items can be for infants and children, older girls and boys, and working men and women.

Ever since MI-Samvedana was launched five years ago, it has carried out several successful collection and distribution programs covering a number of schools and thousands of beneficiaries. Some such programs are listed below.

  • A novel collection drive-“Each One-Get One” -was launched in the “The Mother’s School” and “Shabari Vidyalaya” to sensitize students about the needs of others in the society and the valuable contributions they can make to meet these needs.
  • Another collection drive- “Share What You Can Spare with the needy”- was launched in “St. Kabir School” , “Navrachana High School” and “D.R.Amin Memorial School” involving a large number of donor families.
  • The utility items such as Clothes, Toys, Educational aid material etc. are distributed to needy students and their families periodically.
  • The distribution is organised alongwith the scholarship distribution programmes or seperately in the adopted schools.
  • At Seva Tirth, Tarsali, another Non-profit organization with about 200 inmates, MI-Samvedana helped to set up kitchen with donated utensils, fridge etc. Donation for clothes for all age groups was also made.
  • We also set up a library for Shree Saraswati Village Dham Trust School, Karjan.

Over time now, a large number of Citizens are reaching out to MI, Vadodara Kendra to share whatever they can spare. The number of beneficiaries now exceeds over twenty thousand annually.

The collection centers are:

1. Archana Kothari : 609-610, Manubhai Tower, “C” Wing, Sayajigunj, ® 2340294
2. Rajeshwari Barjatya : T-4, Shivam Flats, Nr. Rajesh Towers,Off Gotri Road ® 2389529
3. Dipali Doshi : A/501, Bhadralok, Old Padra Road 2359573
4. Avanee Jain : Ankur Scientific, Near Navrachana High School, Sama (o) 2793098

We look forward for support from one and all in order to touch as many lives as we can, in our beloved city of Vadodara.


  • Continued working with Mental Hospital patients to prevent recurrence of the illness.
  • Medical Check-ups in Adopted Schools.
  • Dental Checkups and treatment of around 1000 students during 2014-2015.
  • We have tied up with Hariom Seva Trust to help the needy families for medical treatment at Sayaji Hospital in Vadodara.
  • Larger coverage of beneficiary family needs through networking.

“With Total Dedication to Social Upliftment Focusing on Economically Weaker Sections of Society,
the emphasis is on Education, Helping the Needy (Samvedana) and Health”