Executive Chairman’s Message

Dear friends

I am delighted to write this message and reflect on our remarkable journey and the impact we've made on the lives of thousands of individuals.

It gives me immense pleasure to report that all our initiatives have been operating at full throttle. We dedicated a total of Rs 2.6 crore to various initiatives and schemes, touching the lives of approximately 5500 students - from Street Schools to University graduates, our mission to provide education and opportunities has been relentless.

One of our best achievements this year was the continued success of our Structured Internship Initiative with Navrachana University, Vadodara. Building upon the lessons learned from last year's maiden experience, we made the program even more effective. The 60 interns who participated this year and visited the house of more than 2600 applicants of our Open Scholarship Program, our flagship scheme. They not only helped us in allocating more than Rs.1.5 crore of scholarships to these beneficiaries but also expressed how it developed empathy, compassion, and gratitude within them. These values will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping their futures and guiding them toward successful, purposeful, and meaningful lives.

Our ADMS program (After-School Development for Bright Primary Kids) and Kayakalp program (specifically designed for those in the science stream) for 9th to 12th-standard students, continue to flourish very well.

This year, after a hiatus of three years, we were thrilled to conduct our two flagship events - the Annual Cultural Evening and the Annual Sports Day. Both events were resounding successes, showcasing the talent and discipline of our students.

Our Annual Cultural Evening, held at the esteemed Sayajinagar Gruh Auditorium, received widespread acclaim. The overflowing audience witnessed outstanding performances from all participants, with Asha Deep's kids receiving a standing ovation. We paid tribute to our late Chairman, Dr. B C Jain, and pledged to carry forward his extraordinary vision for MI-MFT.

The Annual Sports Day, hosted at Billabong International High School, was a testament to the discipline, enthusiasm, and participation of Asha Deep and ADMS children who are mostly from the slums and are street children.

The Ashadeep program, our 'Street to School' initiative, has made significant strides, with 33 centers across Vadodara providing education to over 1000 children. We are proud of our academic and administrative coordinators and more than 45 teachers who work tirelessly to make learning engaging and innovative.

Our new program, Marg Darshan (Vocational Training Programme), in collaboration with Transpek Industries, has successfully completed two batches of wiremen/electricians, all of whom are either employed or self-employed. In just three months, these individuals have gained valuable skills that enable them to earn Rs 10-12k per month. We aim to expand this program to include various vocations like fitter, plumber, turner, solar technician, and more, opening up opportunities for the masses as the eligibility criteria are flexible, focusing on skill development and employability. The beauty of this program is that any student who has completed 18 years of age and is even 5th pass can apply and start earning. We have collaborated with many other institutions that are providing soft skill development to enlarge the scope of this program for our other beneficiaries as well.

In conclusion, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our donors, well-wishers, corporate partners, and members of the MI-MFT family. Your unwavering support has been the driving force behind our success. Together, we will continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

Thank you for being an essential part of the MI-MFT journey.


Sanjay Kothari