Laurels & Recognitions

Laurels & Recognitions

Amongst close to 450 MI Centres in the country, MI Vadodara has created a unique place for itself because of its very innovative & extensive work in the field of education. Here are a few glimpses of laurels & recognitions that have come our way:

  • Awarded Best Centre in the field of education in every single international convention.
  • Vishishtha Seva Medal to Chairman, Dr B C Jain, during Pushkar Convention in January, 2017

During last International convention (Delhi, February, 2019), Vadodara Centre was kept in a special category and out of normal competition amongst the 450 centres & was honoured with three very special awards:

  • Vishishtha Seva Medal was awarded to our Vice Chairman, Mr Sanjay Kothari, for his distinguished work in the field of education.
  • Chairman, Dr B C Jain, was specially honoured as the Best Chairman amongst all 450 centres.
  • MI, Vadodara Centre was specially honoured for its very innovative work in the field of education of students from underprivileged sections.

A number of other recognitions have come to us from time to time, including those from JSG, United Way of Baroda & Women Empowerment Group.

A special mention must be made of the Award for Excellence recently conferred on MI / MFT by the Federation of Gujarat Industries for its outstanding social work. This coveted award is given every two years and this was the only time when MI / MFT applied for it. The award is given following a very extensive evaluation system by a Jury that includes some of the leading citizens of Baroda from diverse disciplines.