Interactives at a Glance

Interactives At A Glance

Marching ahead – Where journey is the destination!

Major Initiatives at a glance……

Mahavir Foundation Trust is a collective of some of the leading citizens of Vadodara who have excelled in life and who have been working to return something to the society thru upliftment of the weaker sections of society. The group includes accomplished Professionals from all walks of life – all dedicated to the cause and willing to contribute both time (very precious!) and money. Since its inception, MFT has strictly adhered to the five Guiding Principles viz. Personal assessment of beneficiaries through house visits, No religion, caste or gender-based Discrimination, Continuity of Support, No administrative expenses (admin expenses being met directly by members) and upholding Self-respect of beneficiaries.


  • Started in 2001 and continued ever since.
  • Aims at supporting, encouraging & guiding students from schools that cater to weaker sections of our society.
  • Covered 464 students at nine schools.
  • Prizes to bright students and scholarships to needy are awarded in a major function.


  • Collection of clothes, toys and household items from well-off / concerned citizens.
  • Only items in good condition are collected. Sorting and mending is done as needed.
  • Distribution to beneficiaries without impacting self-respect.
  • Covers close to 20,000 persons.


  • Unique Street-to-school initiative to cover deprived children.
  • Taking school to children under flyovers, footpaths & slums.
  • Centres run for 2-3 hours daily and children are also enrolled in nearby schools.
  • Covers over 450 children through 15 centres.


  • Mentoring 84 bright and needy Asha Deep students from 1st Standard to 8th
  • Innovatively and aesthetically designed premises near Sursagar.
  • Student : Teacher ratio of 10:1 to ensure full attention.
  • Extra-Curricular activities and overall development are given equal emphasis.


  • Started in 2005
  • Currently covers close to 3,800 students from Standard 8th to graduation.
  • Personal assessments and re-assessments of beneficiary students are hallmarks of the flagship scheme.
  • Overall, scholarships worth Rs. 1.2 crores annually.


  • Focus on health & hygiene issues of young girls & women from economically weaker sections.
  • Covers educating beneficiaries and then regular distribution of sanitary pads.
  • Over 500 girls & women (including those of Asha Deep Centres & Kayakalp) are being covered.


  • Aims at complete transformation of bright & needy students of standard 9th to 12th.
  • Both schooling and Kayakalp daily classes (over 3 hours) at Baroda High School, Danteshwar (Includes personality development, Spoken English etc).
  • Over 150 students this year
  • Transportation, study material, uniforms etc provided free of cost.