Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Each beneficiary is personally assessed by one of our esteemed members through house visits etc. This due diligence is given very high importance as we want to make sure that contributions made by people like you really reach the needy and deserving students and families.

All schemes are applied without any consideration of caste, religion or gender with the sole criteria being the merit and the need.

We do this in a manner that in no way compromises the self-respect of the beneficiary students and their families. This is important because our belief is that we do this only because we want to return something to the society that has allowed us to prosper and do well. Basically, we do it for our own satisfaction and happiness.

Every single rupee that is contributed for various educational initiatives of our organization is given to the beneficiary students. There are absolutely no administrative expenses (as those are taken care of by our members through their own resources).

Continuity is maintained both in terms of schemes as also in terms of the students. We strive to extend support for as long as the beneficiary student continues his / her education and needs this support.

Increased sensitivity of young students from well-to-do families as also the families themselves towards the social responsibility for the weaker sections of the society.